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Are you finding the challenges of life overwhelming? Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward in any direction? Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships? Are you finding it difficult to manage work, relationship, kids, parents? Know that you are not alone, and that reaching out for help is an act of courage.

Women are under increasing stress in today’s world. Some women are doing full time caretaking , some have full-time careers, and others juggle some combination of both. Many of us have painful and/or traumatic life histories that can compound the everyday stresses to which we are all subject. In order to heal, and remember our innate aliveness and to experience the fullness of life, we need to remain attuned to our deepest needs and desires. We need to actively seek simplicity and balance in our lives.

There are many practices that can support us in our quest for living a life of vitality and contentment. Sometimes individual work is appropriate while at other times participating in a like-intentioned community is exactly what we need. To this end, I offer three different approaches that may be experienced individually or in groups: body-oriented psychotherapy, life coaching, and yoga. I see these different modalities as different access points for discovering our innate wellness.

Yoga starts with exploring the physical body. Body-oriented psychotherapy starts with exploring our emotional states, and life coaching starts with exploring our minds, specifically our goals/intentions and limiting beliefs. My approach is holistic in nature, meaning that in a session or class you will explore all of these realms- physical, emotional, and mental. No matter what the access point, our goal is the same, to discover what is blocking your experience of your true nature of peace and contentment.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

50 minute psychotherapy session that uses mindfulness and body awareness to augment traditional talk therapy in order to access limiting belief patterns. Body awareness not only provides information but also identifies resources already existing within. Body-oriented psychotherapy can be particularly helpful for clients who have experienced trauma and currently experience anxiety or depression. Fee: $85* United, Blue Cross Blue Shield accepted. Please contact Sarah with any questions or concerns at sarah@in-balancecoaching.com or 401-855-3683.  Check our her profile on psychology today here.

Life Coaching

60 minute sessions available by phone or in-person using a variety of techniques to assist clients identify blocks – whether the issues are time, space, career, money, relationships, or health. Coaching can help address clients who feel unorganized, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, or lacking direction or focus. As the blocks are identified, clients are freed to create a life they love. For more information click here. Coaching is designed as a package and is not insurance reimbursable. Please inquire for rates.

Therapeutic Yoga Session

90 minute sessions to address specific physical or emotional concerns or just to treat yourself to the benefits of deep relaxation. Sessions may include a variety of techniques including breath work, physical postures, deep relaxation, visualization, yogassage, or meditation. Clients will receive instruction and homework specific to their needs. Fee: $95


Becoming Safely Embodied- Skills for Trauma Survivors

10 week group- 90 minute sessions.  This psycho-educational group for trauma survivors is offered several times a year. Please click here for more in-depth information.

Everyday Leadership Course for Women

This 10 week course is offered on-line and in-person. It creates a structure for developing and accomplishing a specific goal. The course offers the support of coaching phone calls, conference calls, weekly topics and assignments, and community email support to help all participants achieve their goals. Perfect for women with limited time. Tuition: $350

Yoga to Manage Your Mood

This 8 week 90 minute class provides psycho-education, practice time, and community support to support those experiencing depression and/or anxiety.  Some of the topics covered include: What is a mood? What is the goal of managing mood? What are our window of tolerance and triggers? How do our behavioral/emotional patterns develop? How does neuroplasticity help us to understand our ability to change our patterns? How does mindfulness help?    We practice experiencing affect without repressing or amplifying/expressing in a negative way.  Practice techniques include: breathing, asanas, mindfulness, meditation, mantra, and relaxation.

Where do I go from here?

Feel free to call or email me to inquire and ask questions. I am happy to do a 15 minute consultation on the phone to tell you more about my approach. I also offer 30 minute free in-person consultations. We will ensure there is a good match between us.

Contact Sarah at 401-855-3683 or sarah@in-balancecoaching.com

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