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Sarah has been working to facilitate personal transformation for 17 years with individuals and groups as a body-oriented psychotherapist, yoga instructor, group facilitator, and life-coach. She has worked extensively with young people and adults in many contexts, including individual and group work at non-profits, universities, and businesses. She is a facilitator of a 10 week on-line seminar for women entitled, Everyday Leadership, the creator of a holistic support group for mothers, and Yoga to Manage Your Mood.

Her approach utilizes the wisdom of both the mind and the body to uncover and change belief systems that can inhibit making change. She partners with clients to help them uncover blockages and develop practices that support them to take concrete action steps towards manifesting dreams.

She has completed a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Kripalu and Integrative Yoga Therapy certifications, and extensive training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and with Landmark Education. She is a facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer organization. She brings compassion, commitment and humor to her work.  You can find out much more about Sarah and the various services she offers by clicking here.

Approach with Clients
I begin the process with a free phone consultation to determine whether there is a good fit between coach and client. If we decide to move forward, I usually take 1-4 sessions to complete an assessment and develop an action plan. I work with clients in-person, on the phone and through email correspondence. Sessions may consist of talking, visioning practices, relaxation and focusing practices, and/or writing. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. Most agreements are weekly sessions for 3 months -1 year in length, although 1 time Next Steps sessions are also available.

I find inspiration through my work with clients, witnessing them access their innate wisdom and take actions they never thought possible.

Sarah is a skillful practitioner who made me feel safe. This safety enabled me to journey deeply within myself and discover the wisdom that was there. Through my work with her I shifted things it would have taken me years to shift with in traditional therapy.
—Linda L., entrepreneur and mother

Sarah has a remarkable gift for listening with compassion, hearing what I am really saying and gently guiding me to keep on track. I leave her presence with homework that will move me toward where my heart and soul know I should go.
— Jane F., yoga teacher and computer programmer

Sarah gave me a gift … that set my life on a course of clarity, acceptance, strength and wisdom at one of the most precious and vulnerable times. Her intuitive, creative and nurturing guidance brought me back to my most fundamental source of power and inner strength.-
— Sharon S., grant writer and mother of two.


To contact Sarah click here or call 401-855-3683.


San Francisco