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Maura has 20 years of experience supporting people to develop their potential. She has worked with people in a wide range of settings and life stages – ranging from senior-level corporate executives to stay-at-home moms. She has worked extensively with non-profit professionals, young adults, and women. An author of many articles and two books, she has in-depth knowledge in the areas of decision making, working with life purpose, work/life balance, and leadership. She has been an integral part of over ten start-up entrepreneurial ventures. She received her M.A. in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College and is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor.

Past organizational clients include City Year, The Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence, The Bonner Foundation, Shinnyo-en Foundation, Destiny Arts Center, Davidson College, Citizen Schools, Jumpstart and the University of California – Berkeley.

Work with clients

I prefer to work with clients for a minimum of 3 months around a specific goal we co-create. I am also open to one-time or short term sessions to support clarity, which I call Next Step sessions.

I work both in-person and by phone. My favorite clients are those who have a deep hunger for change or transformation and are willing to make a serious commitment to the work. I have great pride in the success of my clients – ranging from books published to marriages, creative lives flourishing and jobs found.

I was a bit skeptical about coaching until I began working with my coach. But now, I’m encouraging all of my friends and colleagues to try coaching! My coach’s approach is extremely thoughtful, personalized and creative. It has helped me make tremendous strides forward in my life and career.
—Anne W.

“If you have the chance to work with Maura, take it. She listens in a wholly focused manner, reflects, and then offers analyses that are direct, relevant and extremely helpful. You will find yourself engaged in one of the most productive, educational, and gratifying partnerships of your life.”
—Kate Carpenter, Boston School Adminstrator

“Without Maura’s help, there is no way that my book would have been published. She was there for me from seed to reality. She even had me playing soccer so that I could understand my own internal process about performing. Maura has an excellent ear, a strong intellect and a huge heart. The combination of these three things are dangerous! Be prepared.”
—Kia Afcari, Co-author, Sister Surfer: A Woman’s Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage

To contact Maura click here or call 925-878-1303.

San Francisco