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Madeline McNeely is a Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Trainer for executive leaders and organizations in the corporate and non-profit sectors.  Madeline moves leaders and organizations into condition to do meaningful work for decades by coaching them to embody and practice effective leadership theories and strategies.

Madeline has been a principal of her company since 1994 and an affiliate Senior Consultant for Interaction Associates since 2006. For organizations, her areas of expertise include strategic and organizational development, culture change, facilitation and collaboration skills, community and board development, diversity, cross-cultural education and Open-Space Technology. She has also researched, co-written and edited over 15 articles capturing organizational best practices for one of her national clients.  Madeline’s coaching philosophy draws from the disciplines of organizational development, somatics, ontology, ecology.  As a Coach, she focuses on Leadership Development and Career Transitions. Topics include:  values alignment, professional focus, presentations, supervision and management, communication, collaboration and relationship building to name a few of the content areas.

Madeline is an Adjunct Faculty member at Lesley University teaching “Leadership and Community Engagement” to Masters of Education students. She was a keynote speaker at Wentworth Institute for Technology’s Women’s Leadership Conference. Madeline co-authored “Investing in Your Leadership: the KEY to Investing in Your Business” published in the New England Women’s Business Owner’s Journal.  Madeline has coached and consulted to over 75 organizations, businesses and individual leaders. Corporate clients include Biogen Idec, Capital One, Cisco, Datatel, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and the International Security Exchange Commission.  Prior to starting her own consulting and coaching business, Madeline was at the forefront of the National Service movement.  She helped City Year grow in Boston from 100 to 300 corps members and expand to other cities by being one of the first staff to lead its National Training Academy.

She was an officer for the Rutland Corner Foundation for over 10 years and is also a member of Trinity Church Boston’s Anti-Racism Team, where she is leading a multi-year institutional change process.  She was an active Coordinating Council member of the Diversity Leadership Forum. She has a BA in Development Studies from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and an M Ed from the Temple University Dance Department where she studied dance, cultural studies and social justice education.  She is certified as an Integral Yoga instructor and partner yoga teacher.  She lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter.


Approach with Clients
I design a comprehensive proposal of the potential client’s needs and desires free of charge. This always includes a vision statement, outcomes and success indicators. Once we’re clear about what the work might consist of, then we discuss price, length of time and the structure the coaching will take.  I work with clients in person, on the phone and through email correspondence. Most agreements are 3 months -1 year in length.  I also offer one time NEXT STEP sessions as a way to address a specific issue.  I am committed to producing break-through results with my clients as they take on their deepest desires in both the personal and professional domains. When there’s a great match between myself and a client, the impossible becomes possible in our work together.


As new opportunities and new stages in my growth as a leader emerged, Madeline has prepared me to show up for them—helping me put aside fears and guiding me out of patterns that aren’t serving me or my organization. We work seamlessly on my leadership development and my internal landscape, as well as on organizational challenges that need attention.  Madeline is versed in a broad range of tools, frameworks and approaches including organizational development, holistic sustainable personal practices, community organizing and understanding power analyses in interpersonal and institutional settings. She always brings the right one to bear.  More than anything, she helps me ground back into my wisdom, courage and creative thinking.
—Katrina Browne, Producer/Director, Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North

Madeline McNeely is a gifted keynote speaker. She is good at taking poignant in depth stories and turning them into leadership lessons. I was able to look and see how people construct their lives and the things that impact people’s lives and clearly see the journey that people take. She uses her wisdom to assist people to gain greater insight into their own personal journey, using leadership guideposts that Madeline has identified to help people navigate their life maps.  She has a unique blend of incisiveness and enormous compassion, which is a combination that creates a safe place for Madeline to offer the intellect.
—Madelyn Yucht, CEO and Founder, Synergos Consulting Group, Specialist in Collaborative Ventures

I wait with anticipation to share my accomplishments, obstacles and feelings with Madeline. Knowing as I share these things, my thoughts will be validated and made clear for me to understand.  With Madeline’s coaching, I learn how to embrace my accomplishments and recognize I am greater than any obstacle or barrier in front of me. I am stronger because I am taught the skills and the mindset to believe over and over again in myself and my vision.  I am wiser because I take the time to listen and apply Madeline’s feedback. For example, my old way of being would be to get mad and become defensive when I was given feedback by my bosses. Now I anticipate what they are going to say and I offer the feedback myself asking them for suggestions on how I can perform my job better. Through the guidance of Madeline, I can see I will become the person I want to be and ultimately succeed at anything in which I put my mind, heart and soul.
—Bea Sweet, Case Manager, LA CAUSA YouthBuild, Los Angeles, CA

“Something clicked and I am balancing different aspects of my life.  I was amazed at other people’s responses during the “Sourcing Leadership and the Path to Mastery” workshop. The advise that I was given was very helpful. I turned a board meeting into a “we” situation instead of a “me/them” dynamic.  When I keep your advice in front of my eyes and I end up achieving most of my objectives and I find this is not trivial at all.”
—Leslie MacWeeney, Executive Director, Dorchester Center for the Visual Arts

For more information about Madeline, go to www.conditioningleaders.com.

To contact Madeline click here or call 617-320-7381

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