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Madeline McNeely, Principal

Madeline McNeelyMadeline is a leadership coach with eighteen years of experience as a facilitator, trainer, consultant, experiential educator, counselor, yoga instructor and creative and performing artist. She is interested in moving leaders and organizations into condition to do meaningful work for decades. As a coach, she does this through partnering with clients to cultivate sustainability and integrity in personal and professional domains, leadership challenges, purpose and legacy questions. Working with organizations, she addresses organizational development and culture change processes, board development, executive leadership challenges, management and supervision issues. She lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

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Contact: madeline@in-balancecoaching.com or 617-320-7381

Sarah Mermin, Principal

Sarah MerminSarah has been working for 17 years as a therapist, yoga instructor, and coach. She integrates cognitive, somatic, and spiritually centered approaches to facilitate authentic self-expression in the world. She encourages people to discover and utilize their inner resources necessary to make meaningful change in all aspects of life, including issues of health and wellness, relationships, balance of personal/professional roles, and value and life purpose clarification. She lives in Newport, Rhode Island.

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Contact: sarah@in-balancecoaching.com or 401-855-3683

Maura Wolf, Principal

Maura WolfMaura has been coaching and working with organizations to cultivate people’s potential for the past twenty years. She has worked in non-profit, philanthropic, corporate and community settings. As a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, she brings the philosophy of alignment to the practice of coaching, helping clients align their mind, heart and actions. Her focus is working with people on issues related to work/life balance, leadership, creativity and life purpose. She lives in San Francisco, California.

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Contact: maura@in-balancecoaching.com or 925-878-1303

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