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Finding Balance

Loss is a part of life, by Sarah

Loss crashed into my life personally this month with the passing of my father-in-law.  It happened to coincide with the time of year in which many people are dealing with loss as a theme.  Plants are dying, summer light is fading, the flipflops are being retired to the basement.  This loss has thrown me into a period of time when regular routines were stopped and I've felt a strong pull to stop, look and listen.  A pull to notice my life. Instead of enjoying our planned stacation focused on connection and fun, my husband flew out of the country to be with his father as he died.  It complicated the already bumpy transition from summer to fall.  It lead to both parents leaving for the funeral just as school began.  And it left all of us living with less sleep, less money in the bank and a host of raw emotions. On a more profound level it brought all varieties of questions from my children about where people go when they die.  Churning up the theme of death reminded me of my own father’s death 20 years ago.    It made me feel some of the depth of the devastation that [...]

Good Busy, by Maura

My good friend, Julia Scatlieff O'Grady just published a wonderful new book for anyone trying to figure out what to do about managing their time in new and creative ways.  The book, Good Busy: Productivity, Procrastination and the Endless Pursuit of Balance, is available at www.rcwms.org. The whole, small book tells ten people's stories about how they relate to time and pulls the nuggets of wisdom from each one. One snippet I particularly love is about how we carve out small bits of time to get the most important stuff done.  The chapter is called Sliver: Move Beyond Procrastination.  And a small quote to wet your appetite:  Sometimes we put things off and blame the busyness or the constraints within our everyday work life.  The lesson behind the sliver is that you can carve out time for what matters to you by setting a goal, putting time limits around it, and acting on your intentions (p. 43). essay writers Here's to you finding some good busy this week! buy descriptive essay zp8497586rq zp8497586rq

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