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InBalance Coaching supports women to live integrated and sustainable lives.

Coaching We provide coaching for individuals, groups or organizations. We start with a free, informational conversation to hear about your needs and describe our coaching process. Contact a coach today to begin.
Consulting More and more non-profit organizations and businesses are losing the best people because they can’t find any balance in their current workplace.  We work with companies to design strategies that support people to come into a place of better balance.
Counseling Sometimes the issues people are dealing with require professional, therapeutic support. This is not the work of a coach, but a therapist. As a result, we have a trained and licensed therapist available to support people in that place.
Teaching Periodically we offer on-line and in person courses that help people look at their life from a holistic point of view. One of the courses we offer, Everyday Leadership, can be offered on-line, in a workplace or to a group of independent individuals.
Providing Online
Click on to our resources page and our store to find resources we offer. We are also happy to design on-line resources that fit the need of your group or organization.
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